Player Injury Insurance and Trades

I believe most NBA players are insured against injury by their teams. With both Bol Bol and Dozier being injured and out for the season, how might that have effected their trade to the C's?

Let's assume they're fully insured against injury (which I'm not sure is the case or normal practice). If that is the case, then Denver would have received money to offset their salary. Or will.

But let's say there is $1,000,000 in salary left for each of them... if they're traded the team is no longer missing out on their services for that $1,000,000. Does it not matter, the injury happened and the team gets reimbursed, end of story? Or do they only get reimbursed if they have the player on their roster the whole time? Does the insurance policy travel with the player so their new team saves that money?

I doubt it travels, but if it did, might that make the players a little easier to trade to a team like OKC? Here is salary that counts against the cap, but you won't have to actually pay it because you're getting reimbursed due to injury.

This is super in the weeds and doesn't matter a ton to a fan, but I have always been curious.

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