BOS-SAC trade

Simple version of the trade:

Smart+Schroder+Nesmith+ 1st rd pick


De’aaron Fox

Sac saves a bit of money, gets a more defensive guard to play next to Haliburton in Smart, Schroder either is re-signed or more expiring money, a cost-controlled asset in Nesmith, and draft compensation. If Smart alone is supposedly worth a 1st round pick, I wouldn’t imagine De-Aaron Fox is worth that much more. We get a more offensively gifted starting PG in Fox that I think is a guy who can get better playing alongside Tatum/Brown.

Expanded version assuming SAC wants to completely bottom out and start from scratch:

Smart+Horford+Schroder+Langford+Nesmith+3 1st round picks+1st round swap


De’aaron Fox+Barnes+Bagley

This trade also works by swapping Pritchard for Schroder, if SAC values him more.

If the Kings are looking to truly bottom out and rebuild around Haliburton, I think this is a great trade to accelerate that. For Boston, we would have to be convinced that the return on essentially every tradeable asset we have that the front office is willing to part with, would make this team a contender.

Fox-Brown-Barnes-Tatum-Timelord seems like a great starting 5. Barnes can be the 6th man if we wanted to start two bigs with a Fox-Brown-Tatum-Bagley-Williams lineup.

I don’t see Sac wanting to retain Bagley, nor does Barnes fit in a long-term timetable there.

Horford’s partially guaranteed deal allows for more money to come off the books, and if they want Schroder over Pritchard, that’s additional cap relief if they don’t value him long-term. They get two young wings in Langford/Nesmith who fit Haliburton’s developmental curve, a complimentary back-court starter in Smart, and a considerable amount of draft capital.

Barnes is the wing this team needs to spell Brown/Tatum as his game is developed and consistent. Bagley is an improvement over Horford IMO, and again Fox is more of a true PG compared to Smart.

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