Why is this basketball market so pathetic?

You have to admit: we’re the Yankees of basketball but the media environment around this team is like the Portland Sea Dogs. There is something kinda culty around the Celtics - it has the tamest fan base of the 4 Boston teams. Felger turned Green Teamer into a pejorative - he’s not wrong.

We can agree to disagree on Tatum: could be top 3 NBA player with a consistent 3P shot. Great NBA body, long reach, solid rebounder, underrated defender etc. etc. I think he is what he is at this point, don’t think he’s mentally tough nor high basketball IQ nor very bright. I would trade.

But the fanboys in media gushing over that 51 point performance, only to get a pat on the back from JT - pathetic…. Two things can be true at once:

1. Tatum is unstoppable when going downhill and hitting 3s

2. When you’re running Pop offense and the leading player thinks it’s D’Antonis system + leads league in field goal attempts + is 75th-100th in efficiency categories - that’s a problem. Averaged over 82 games you get a .500 team

What I’m trying to understand is: why is the general culture around this team so uncritical? I’m talking specifically the media. The Celtics broadcast beginning with Scal, Abby Chen, Forsberg - honk city. It was way better with Tanguay, Don’t people want titles?

I feel like the honkfest is an impediment to this teams growth.

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