Well ,we’ve gotten here. Today is the real beginning to the trade season for Celtics fans because today is the day that Marcus Smart can be traded. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of his, but his contract and place in the team’s hierarchy make him the top piece to be used in order to improve the team. Horford’s contract is a nice chip for bringing in an expensive player, but Smart actually plays to his contract and is probably the most valuable Celtic behind Tatum, Brown and Rob. If they’re looking to get something to build around those three, he is likely the centerpiece of what you will need to give up. That said, he’s not a guy you trade just to trade him like Schroder is right now. It’s for someone in particular.

That said, what teams could use him? I would argue just about anyone in contention, but there are two particular teams that I look at as great fits. Ironically, they are the two teams who traded the rights to scoring Point Guards in the 2018 Draft in Dallas and Atlanta. Now, I understand Atlanta is not in the hunt right now, but they were just below the apex last season, and could have Smart for a few years.

I don’t know what you’re getting if you trade him to Dallas. I don’t think they’re giving up multiple picks for him, and they won’t likely move Brunson…and obviously won’t move Doncic since playing alongside him is the whole point. I actually would think about sending Schroder this way for less since he also would help them. If Smart were to go this way, the one person I can see being a real asset is Porzingis, but that contract and injury history scare me.

The Bulls could be a destination for him with their PG injuries, but in a similar fashion to Dallas, I don’t know what they could get back of equal value that the Bulls would be willing to give up.

The one destination I can see being a match is Atlanta. Collins seems to not be happy there, and let’s be honest…they’re going to side with Young over him every day and twice on Sunday. It’s definitely not an even trade, and Boston would have to add pieces to make it work. But I think Collins is EXACTLY what they need. Reports have come out that Philly tried to get him for Simmons and the Hawks balked, but it turns out Philly was also asking for multiple 1st rounders in addition to him. You’d basically have to give Atlanta their pick of Romeo/PP/Nesmith, etc, but having him in the starting lineup with Rob, Tatum and Brown would be a killer group, and very versatile on the offensive end.

From ATL’s perspective, I think Smart is the perfect compliment to Young and the rest of the group there. They have been limited defensively, and Smart would bring that in spades. He’s also going to be able to play on or off the ball with Young fairly well, and the rest of the guys on their roster in Huerter, Hunter, Danillo, etc can space the floor well for him, either giving him the wide open three that he’s capable of knocking down, or opening up space for him to drive which is where he should be at his best.

I’m not sure how the structure of this deal would work the best, but these two being the main cogs in the framework is something that I would very much be looking to do. It was a move that was discussed last deadline before each wound up extending, so there at least has been interest on both sides.

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