Proposed blockbuster.....................Dame to PHILLY!

Now I know this is a Celtic forum, but IF Boston keeps playing like the last two games, I think the chance for any trades beyond maybe moving Schroder will be out of the question.

So I give you the possible biggest blockbuster of this years trade deadline...........

I've thought that Simmons to the kings for Fox was a deal ready to be made. However with Dame's surgery and timeline on return around early March, I can see Simmons to Portland making a lot of sense for both teams now.

something like

Simmons and Korkamz

to Portland for

Dame and Snell

Trade drops Portland under the tax line this year and resets the team moving forward, with B. Simmons and McCollum , A. Simons, Powell, Nurkic and Nance as the core.

Philly gets their all-star in Dame for Simmons in trade and he will have over a month to jell with the team before the playoffs start. a healthy Dame with Embiid and the rest could finally get to the finals as early as this season.

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