Now, clearly Russell Westbrook is not close to worth his contract. He has been an albatross at his last couple of destinations, and yet somehow both the Thunder and Wizards managed to get solid returns for him in trades (sorry Houston, Wall and a protected first doesn’t count). Now that he’s with the Lakers, that run has come to an end. He’s a pretty terrible fit, and he will be extremely tough to move.

Just so we’re clear, I am in no way advocating that the Celtics should try to trade for him. I’m all about shaking it up, but that would absolutely hamstring this organization. That said, it’s been rumored that the Rockets are considering trading for him (again) with Wall potentially moving to LA. I would assume that some picks would also be going to Houston, but who knows. The biggest piece of this rumor is that, like Wall, Houston has no interest in Westbrook suiting up for them and would immediately work on a buyout.

Now this is where I’d wonder about Boston’s involvement. I’m assuming that Schroder is on his way out for some sort of return, just to avoid losing him for nothing. I also assume Smart would be the centerpiece of any large scale trade if one were to happen. I don’t know if I’m expecting that, or just fringe moves, but having just Smart and PP as your PG depth is not what you’re looking for if you are in fact trying to contend this year.

What would everyone’s opinion be on bringing in Westbrook to fill that Schroder sized hole in the rotation? He’s ball dominant, and doesn’t have a great 3 point shot. But while he’s far from worth his contract, he’s still extremely skilled. At a post buyout pricetag, he could absolutely be worth a look.

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