What do you think?

I've been thinking about the best metaphor to describe the Celtics' past two wins. The easy ones come to mind first - it's fool's gold, it's a mirage, a moment of sunshine on a cloudy day. They all fit. I'm sure you can find others that best fit your state of mind.

The common point of all these metaphors is that we don't know what to believe. Are the Celtics really that good? Can we trust them? Can we get excited again? Or is there another disappointment just around the corner? (yet another metaphor and cliche... sigh....)

I loved the wins but I don't trust this team - yet. To raise my level of trust, meaning a team that can advance in the playoffs and compete for the conference championship, then I'll have to see more. Specifically, I want them to dominate the next two games against the Hawks and Pelicans, which they can and should. Then on Monday I want them to win, or at least lose a close one while playing well, against the Heat. Three games, four days. Can they do it?

The trade deadline is just two weeks away and Brad Stevens has to make some big decisions. Has he already made his mind up and the deals are in the works? Or will he change his mind based on the next handful of games? Can he trust the core or not.

What do you think?

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