Uggggh....Everytime I see Desmond Banes statline I cringe.....Any of that goin on out there with yall???!!!??

To me hes gotta be in the running if not number 1 for MIP this year. Hes been a major contributor for the Grizz this year, and is a big reason theyre gonna be in the playoffs this year. Memphis has a good, strong, young core. Bane was an absolute score for them at the end of the first round. We passed up on him at 14, 26, and 30! Traded the 30 ‍♂️.....Obviously this is history and hindsight is 20/20 but I know dam well alot of you guys, myself included, were thinking Bane wouldve slotted in real nicely at 26 or 30.... No need to remind my fellow bloggers of who we ended up with, and the 2 future second rounders for Bane, or pick 30.

The 6'5" combo guard Bane has started all 38 games this season, averaging an efficient 17.6 ppg, 4 rpg, 2 apg, and 1 spg. With splits of 47/41/90....Kids a stud

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