Getting worse to get better

The Celtics are stuck where no NBA team wants to be, Mediocrity. Over the past 2 year now, we have shown to be a .500 team. Not good enough to be one tweak away and yet, not bad enough to get a high enough pick to draft a game changer or facilitate a trade for one. With brown only 2 years away from his new contract the time is now to blow this up and rebuild. While most people are proposing trading Brown to get a player that fits better with the team, I feel that the improvement that would be made with a one for one swap would not be enough to significantly alter the team’s trajectory. However, by trading Tatum, we could get enough to actually change the course.

Trade deadline

Trade 1: I would trade Tatum and Freedom to the Kings for Fox, Mitchell and 3/4 unprotected first round picks(as many are you can get). This gives us two playmaking point guards and allows us to make more trades. The King’s do this because of the talent upgrade and this gives the keys to their stud Halliburton. They also have other pieces to build around or trade to get better (Hield, Barnes, Bagley, Holmes).

Trade 2: Trade Smart to the Warriors for Kuminga and Moody. Smart is a win now move for the Warriors and neither prospect that they are giving up are contributing for them currently with their log jam of veterans. This log jam is only going to worsen when Klay comes back.

Trade 3: Trade Richardson and Schroder to contenders for picks/prospects. We should be able to get a late first for Richardson and a lesser prospect and couple of seconds for Schroder.

Trade 4: Any of the young guys for better fits. Pritchard becomes expendable because we have Mitchell, Nesmith because Moody and Kuminga.

Now our team is noticeably worse and we can tank for the rest of the year while acclimating Brown and Fox to each other and play the young guys and develop them into actual NBA players that have value for the team to keep or trade in the off season to find better fits/shooting.

Draft time

Because we tanked, and the kings are the Kings and in a tough western conference, we now have 2 high draft picks. We use one to draft Keegan Murray from Iowa (projected 6-10 range) the other we use in a trade for our 3rd star. In the second round, pick up some upper classmen that have proven that they can shoot and defend over multiple years. Guys like Ron Harper Jr, Johnny Juzang, Matthew Mayer.

Star options

Pascal Siakam – The raptors are a middling team like us and have to make a decision on which way to go. By trading Siakam they can get a haul and dump salary enabling them to find pieces that fit their core and new center piece Scottie Barnes.

Proposed trade: Siakam for Horford, Hernangomez and a combination of 3 picks from the Kings, Celtics and the return from Richardson/schroder trades. This lets the Raptor’s drop Hernangomez 6.1mill, Dragic 19.4 mill and Horfords 13mill after 14mill guaranteed, to open salary to get pieces or use the picks to facilitate trades for them.

A Fox, Brown, Siakam big 3 with Rob Williams would be a defensive nightmare, getting deflections and steals to start the fast break where they all excel.

Jerami Grant – Grant and the Pistons are on different timelines. Grant is a close approximation to Siakam, just less talented, dynamic and therefore cheaper. The Pistons are building around Cunningham, Hayes and Bey and Grants contract is up at the end of the 22/23 season. The trade here is Grant and Olynyk for Horford, Hernangomez and picks.

Similar to the Siakam lineup Grant would provide excellent defense and fit alongside Fox and Brown, while Olynyk give you a tradeable salary and a floor spacing big that opens up the court for the big 3.

Any other disgruntled star. Randle, Ingram, Collins, the pacers group.

Along with the Picks we also have prospects that can help to facilitate trades.

22/23 season and filling out the roster with system fits.

Trade the T Wolves for Jarred Vanderbilt. He is an up-and-coming defensive beast. If he ever finds a 3-point shot, he would be a cheap replacement for Siakam/Grant.

Sign Jalen Smith. The suns declined his 3rd year option. He has the skillset to be a floor spacing big that would allow our guys to get into the paint where they are at their best.

Sign any ring chasing vets that see the potential of our new big 3.

Trade for shooting.

22/23 Starting lineup

De’aaron Fox, Jaylen Brown, Keegan Murray/3&D Vet/Prospect, Pascal Siakam, Rob Williams.

I know a lot has to fall in place for this plan to work out, but if it did, we would be an excellent team, and a fun one. And if the pieces didn’t fit together and we were still in mediocrity, we now have 3 stars to trade away for hauls to start a rebuild.

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