3 realistic trade options involving J. Brown by the trade deadline.

I try to make them realistic for both sides, since that's how most trades work in the NBA.

option #1:

Boston sends J. Brown, D. Schroder and H. Gomez ( 39.6M combined salary's)

to Washington for

B. Beal 33.7 + 36.4PO

R. Hachimura- 4.9+ 6.3 + RFA

A. Holiday- 3.98M expiring with Bird rights

total incoming salary 42.6M

Celtics probably have to add one first round pick to get that deal done and INCREASE the overall team salary by only $3M this season.

Boston finally gets the long awaited Beal and add another young big man in Hachimura under contract. Holidays bird rights mean they can keep him if they chose.

Washington gets Brown as the new star with players like Kuzma, Dinwiddie and young guys like Avdija and Kispert.

Option #2:

Boston sends

J, Brown, M. Smart and H. Gomez ( Combined $48.0M in salary)

to the Kings for

H. Barnes- 20.3 + 18.3M

B. Hield- 23.1 + 21.2 + 19.3M

T. Haliburton- 4.0 + 4.2 + TO rookie year

total incoming salary $47.4M

Celtics again likely have to add a first round pick at least here .

Secondary deal with this one, I send Schroder out for a draft pick (to send along to the Kings) and then sign I. Thomas to fill the roster spot (he just finished his second 10 day deal).

both moves decreases the over all team salary by around $5M

Boston gets THREE starters for two here and add a young PG and two good 3 point shooters to the mix both on mutli-year contracts.

Kings get to rebuild with brown as the centerpiece and Smart gives them a defense presence they need as well.

Option #3:

Boston trades

J. Brown, A. Horford, D. Schroder and H. Gomez ( combined $66.6M in salary)

to Atlanta for

J. Collins - 23.0 + 23.3 + 25.3 + 26.5 + 26.5 PO

D. Gallinari- 20.4 + 21.4 ( 5.0 M guaranteed)

B. Bogdanovic - 18.0 + 18.0 + 18.0 PO ( He has a 15% trade kicker in his deal also which add another 2.7M to each year.

D. Wright- 8.5 expiring salary ( Boston would have his bird rights)

Total incoming salary $72.6M with the trade kicker.

Celtics gain probably have to ad a first round pick to this deal and ADD about $6M MORE to the teams overall salary plus additional tax payments.

Boston gets Collins and Bogdanovic as multi-year pieces here with Wrights bird rights allowing them to keep him next season if they want. I assume Gallinari would be released before next season with only $5M guaranteed

Atlanta gets Brown to team up with Young long term Horford and Schroder return to the Hawks as well here, though they likely wouldn't be able to keep Schroder unless he plays for cheap again. extra first helps the Hawk as as they have issues with overall team salary next season.

those are the top three options I can come up with IF the teams decides to move Brown in a deal by the deadline. I think all three options fix various issues with the team now, though in each instance the other teams gets the best overall player in Brown,

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