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Boston Celtics season preview SWAGs

Silly Wild Awesome Guesses for the 2022-23 Boston Celtics season

Boston Celtics Media Day 2022 Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The regular season is almost upon us. By now if you are anything like me, you’ve already read all the previews, listened to all the podcasts, and come up with your own predictions and projections.

Throw all of that into the trash bin of your minds and focus, because this is all the preview that you need. My annual SWAGs!

I decided to go full on optimist for these, so buckle up all you realists (and if we’re being real, let’s just call you pessimists).

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown become the first Co-MVP teammates

The MVP award typically favors the best player on the best team. But what happens when the best team runs away with the regular season and is led by two fantastic superstar level players who each contribute heavily in the team’s success? Sometimes they split the vote and a player from another team reaps the benefits. Not this year, because we’re making them a package deal.

This is only fair after years of having to answer questions about “who’s better?” and “can they play together?” The answers to those questions will be “who cares?” and a resounding “yup!” Luka Doncic finishes a distant 2nd as some old school voters just can’t stop themselves from voting for one-man-teams.

Brad Stevens will NOT make a trade before the deadline

You can’t improve upon perfection, so why would you break up something that is working out so great? Furthermore, why would you expect Stevens to say anything other than “we are looking at a returning Robert Williams as our deadline addition.” (or something equally boring)

That’s not to say that the Celtics won’t be involved in trade rumors (real or not). Stevens has traded his first rounder 3 years in a row and will be tempted to do so again. He’s also got TPEs, Gallo’s contract, and ownership approval to spend. But if it ain’t broke...

Grant Williams will start the first ever podcast recorded while on the court playing

We’ve seen players get mic’d up. We’ve seen active players produce podcasts. We’ve seen Grant Williams never stop running his mouth. It only makes sense to run his mouth while mic’d up and producing his (heavily edited by league officials) thoughts out to the world.

Joe Mazzulla becomes the first ever Interim coach to win Coach of the Year

Near as I can tell, no interim coach has ever won Coach of the Year. Then again, near as I can tell, no Finals contender has ever suspended their coach for the year, so we’re in unchartered territory here.

Not only will the Celtics run away with the best record, but they’ll do it with just the right blend of things that worked last year and new wrinkles that Joe installs and Malcolm Brogdon executes.


All that matters is the banners and what better way to pay tribute to Bill Russell than to add another one to the rafters. It won’t be easy, first they’ll have to go through a first round matchup with the scrappy Knicks. Then they’ll have to survive the up-and-coming-but-not-quite-there Cavaliers. Then they’ll get the rematch that Milwaukee fans have been clamoring for, except with a healthy Kris Middleton (with the same result). Finally, the Celtics will have to face and defeat the Denver Nuggets to win the NBA Finals.

Oh yeah, and one bonus SWAG for old time’s sake: Marcus Smart, Finals MVP!

That’s it for me. I stand by all of these predictions, because they’ll all be forgotten as soon as the real games begin. Now it is your turn. Give us your own SWAGs for the season.

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