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Green With Envy: is the Celtics' hot shooting the biggest component of their winning streak?

With their defense not at last year’s championship level, Boston has instead relied heavily on their three-point shooting.

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics Photo by Nick Grace/Getty Images

If you’ve missed hearing from our podcast network, we are officially back!

Will Weir and Greg Maneikis, former co-hosts of CelticsPod with Adam Taylor, are joining the network with their own show, “Green With Envy” (@greenenvypod). You can expect episodes every Monday and Thursday!

On the first episode of GWE, Will and Greg take a look back at the most impressive moments from this past week’s victories over the Thunder, Hawks, and Pelicans. Then, they take a look at what has led to the Celtics success over this nine-game winning streak, and overall success this season.

Kicking it and Sticking it

The catch-and-shoot numbers have been off the charts so far this season, especially for our role players. Will Weir doesn’t know if it’s sustainable but take a look at some of these individual numbers.

According to, the Celtics are 1st in the league in PPG off of catch-and-shoot opportunities. They average 37.9 PPG and are attempting 31.4 FGA in this fashion (30 of which are 3-point attempts). As those numbers show above, they have been knocking these down with Hauser-like accuracy. As a team, the C’s are shooting 40.8% on their catch-and-shoot 3FGA (3rd in the league). If you’re wondering, last year the C’s were 16th in the league at 36.4% and averaged 30.4 PPG in similar situations.

Make sure you listen to the rest of the episode for a deeper discussion into why this team is at the top of the league, including some surprising statistics from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

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