Yay or Nay: 13-4 C’s Were Bound To Lose At Some Point, And That’s Okay

Now hear me out, I actually wasn’t completely annoyed with this loss. Yes, despite how they performed for long stretches of the game.

I guess you can call that growth, but what was even more interesting was that I didn’t see much panicking or overreactions on Twitter from Celtics fans.

But anyways, let’s get to it.

Yay: Bounce Back Brogdon Game

After a subpar performance on the team’s last outing (to be fair he just got back from injury against the Pels), Brogdon looked spry against the Bulls and even kept us in the game with some timely baskets and plays.

Brogdon dropped 23 points and 6 assists, with no turnovers I might add. He was also exceptional with his shot selection at 61% from the field and an impressive 83% shooting from deep.

He looked much more comfortable with his movements, wherein I think the extra two days of rest helped him with his conditioning as he didn’t appear to have missed a step.

Yay: JB Came To Play and A Strong Close From JT

Turnovers aside, that was another efficient JB ball game.

Brown had 25 points, on 45% shooting from the field and 40% with his three-balls, He also made some great efforts on the glass and grabbed himself a total of 7 rebounds.

JT on the other hand started off slow. To be fair, he had me on that first made three-pointer of his by sending Patrick Williams to the shadow realm, and putting the C’s up first on the scoreboard.

He made a couple of plays down in crunch time that had me thinking "Now hold up, are we making a comeback with JT at the helm?", from an and-one basket to a four-point play to inch closer to the Bulls’ lead.

Sadly, he had another slow start to this game and yet again missed a couple of good looks and shots that he normally makes. At the same time, it was a much better outing as opposed to his past few performances.

Tatum dropped a double-double with 28 points and 11 rebounds, along with 7 assists to boot. He shot nicely from the field at 47% and had a decent outing from deep at 40% shooting.

Yay: Ball Movement was Still Solid, Even When Some Shots Wouldn’t Go Down

The Celtics had a total of 28 assists wherein they maintained the course of good ball movement for quality shots as the end result.

Yes, they shot only 43% from the field and 38% from three-point land, numbers that we’re not really accustomed to with this ball club.

But after a strong 9-game win streak with numerous outings of the team’s juggernaut offense, the team was bound to have an off night. Especially when you factor in that they had tons of great looks from their usual offensive sets, the ball game just wasn’t in their favor for this match-up.

Nay: Good Lord The Turnover Numbers

Now, this one right here was just ugly.

The C’s had a total of 15 turnovers for this game. And yes, the core three had their imprints on this one. The big three of Smart, Jaylen, and Tatum combined for a total of 12 turnovers.

During the first quarter, the team already had 4 TO’s, wherein at first I was like "They’ll be fine, they’ll polish this one out", the joke’s on me I guess.

Honestly, I didn’t expect them to look that sloppy and careless with the ball after a much-needed two-day break, but again, that performance of theirs is usually how win streaks end. Wherein, their priority in taking care of the ball wasn’t present for this match-up.

Nay: Marcus’ Return From Injury

Don’t get me wrong, I will always be glad when Marcus finally becomes available to play after an injury. But he looked rough out there.

He didn’t particularly shoot the ball well from the field at 33% from the field and 29% from deep. Smart also had some 3 turnovers, wherein some just looked off since I’ve been accustomed to Marcus being a magician when it comes to setting up teammates for good looks.

It’s on to the next with this one since Marcus was balling really well before the injury.

Nay: Al Looked Rough

To be fair, similar to Marcus, Al has been hooping as of late.

But this was just one of those "Yup, it’s not your night", as he couldn’t buy a shot to go in for the whole game.

Could Al have done his usual drive and kick motion to have the offense running more smoothly as opposed to shooting the three-ball with an early shot clock? Sure. But then again, it’s on to the next with this one since maybe the two-day break was too much rest and some rust came to factor in.

Nay: Some Pritchard Minutes Could Have Helped

With how he helped during the Thunder comeback and provided some huge shots against the Hawks, I was really hoping for some Pritchard minutes to add some much-needed energy to how the rest of the team was playing.

I think now that Brogdon is back to hooping on the court, it might be tricky to see some consistent Pritchard moments. I just hope that with some games such as this one, wherein it required some boost from the other role players on the squad, Joe wouldn’t hesitate to maybe put Pritchard or even Vonleh on the court.

Nay: Defense Wasn’t At Its Finest

The Bulls shot for a total of 51% from the field and 48% with their three-balls.

To be fair, they made things interesting with Zach Lavine as they forced him into some tough shots, but the treatment wasn’t the same and consistent with the rest of the team.

DeRozan didn’t look completely dominant but I wished the C’s made it tougher for the Bulls star, but then again DeRozan also made some tough baskets.

The rest of the players from the Bulls shooting for over 50% and 60% from the field is where it got frustrating to see.

Caruso and Dosunmu combined for a total of 20 points off the bench with quality field goal percentages from both.

There were moments in the fourth quarter when it looked like momentum was moving over to the side of the Celtics, partly due to their defense being more amped up as opposed to how it was in the previous three quarters.

Tatum drives hard to the basket, gets fouled, and throws up a high-arching shot which manages to find itself going in the basket, here come the Celtics. Tatum ends up missing the and-one free throw, and the bulls go on a run and end up scoring 7 straight to push the lead back up to 15.

Just a brutal stretch with a lack of stops.

Nay: C’s Got Outrebounded

This was rough.

The C’s were outrebounded by the Bulls with the opponent grabbing 58 total rebounds and the Celtics only getting 28 rebounds.

With the low energy for this match-up, it was a sure loss on the rebounding department as the team really needed a collective effort against the persistent bigs of the Bulls.

Nay: Awful and slow start

Mazzulla isn’t really big on calling timeouts as he prefers the team figuring it out and adjusting to what’s happening at the moment as opposed to drawing up a play.

But even the man himself couldn’t stand how the Celtics came out to start the first quarter.

From careless turnovers, shooting the ball way too early into the shot clock, and just being a step too slow in their closeouts and switches.

They shot for a total of 28% from the field in the first quarter, and just couldn’t completely come out of the rough shooting for the rest of the game.

Even with how they moved the ball couldn’t save them either as shots going in also weren’t in their favor.


Yay or Nay? This is going to be a nay for sure, but not a total nay if you get where I’m going.

The team still went into that fourth quarter and decided that they would at least go down swinging. They managed to make things interesting during crunch time that Billy Donovan was forced to bring DeRozan and Vucevic back on the court just to make the outcome sure.

But now the win streak ends at 9 and the C’s look ahead to the much-anticipated match-up against the Luka-led Mavericks team.

13-4 is still amazing as the team still finds itself at the top of the league standings.

Love and trust.

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