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Topic Tuesday: What’s “wrong” with the 21-7 Celtics?

Even great teams have rough patches. What do the Boston Celtics need to work on?

NBA: Boston Celtics at LA Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get this out of the way up front. Personally I am not concerned about this team in the least. Every great team has stumbles along the way and it would take a special kind of fan logic to jump to panic mode with a team that is still first in the league with a .750 winning percentage.

With all that said, no team is perfect and sometimes it takes a few losses to uncover some of the areas that a team still needs to work on. So here’s your chance to air your Festivus grievances. Let us know what’s concerning you. Some potential topic starters:

Minutes: Are the starters just getting tired? That was one of the narratives that came out of the Finals loss. The players were burnt out after pushing so hard for the 2nd half of the season. One would hope that isn’t the case just 2 months into the season, but if we’re seeing any signs of that now, where will they be in June?

Missing Rob: I hesitate to insinuate that all will be better when we get Robert Williams III back. That’s not fair to put on him. Plus he needs to work into game shape. And one man isn’t going to solve everything. With that said, he’s our starting center, a defensive player of the year candidate, and a huge part of our roster design at this point. All things told, he should help a lot (with a lot of things).

Old (bad) habits: The thing about old habits, as they say, is that they die hard. Sometimes you think you have them “beat” but they creep in and before you know it you are tripping over the same issues that plagued you before. Specifically, turnovers, ball movement, focus, and complaining to the refs are some habits that come to mind.

So those are just some initial thoughts from me. What specifically are you focused on?

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