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A Schroder-for-DiVincenzo trade still a possibility

CelticsBlog’s Keith Smith reports that Boston could make a deal for added shooting.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

According to CelticsBlog’s own Keith Smith, Boston and Milwaukee could re-engage in a deal that would send Dennis Schroder to the Bucks for Donte DiVincenzo. As Keith notes, the defending champs have concerns over back up point guard George Hill’s injury woes and could use another creator in the backcourt. Boston won’t, however, include picks and players in a potential trade. Here’s what Keith wrote about the deal earlier in the week:

One rumored trade is Dennis Schroder for Donte DiVincenzo of the Milwaukee Bucks. This trade would not only net the Celtics $1.2 million in salary savings, but Boston and Milwaukee both see it as a roster-balancing trade.

The Bucks are looking for another offensive creator, which is a role Schroder would play for them on their second unit. His history with Mike Budenholzer makes Milwaukee believe Schroder would be a fairly easy fit, per a source familiar with the trade talks.

For the Celtics, they’ve moved further and further away from Schroder as an on-ball creator this season. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart have assumed those duties, with the Celtics facilitating offense through their bigs quite often, as well. Boston sees DiVincenzo as an upgrade over Schroder as a defender, and the hope is that DiVincenzo will rediscover his shot.

The sticking point in a deal has been the Bucks have asked for Grant Williams in addition to Schroder, per multiple sources. That’s a non-starter for the Celtics, as Williams has been their third big in a three-big rotation. He’s also been Boston’s most consistent outside shooter this season. The Celtics have no intention of parting with Williams, especially not as a throw-in to make a deal like this one work.

With less than four hours to go before the deadline, it seems as though Schroder is the most talked about trade chip for the Celtics with rumors swirling about a Terrence Ross swap and a possible return to the Lakers on the table.

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