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Rumor: Lakers showing interest in Schroder reunion

Schroder left Los Angeles after failing to agree to a new contract over the summer.

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

When Dennis Schroder and the Los Angeles Lakers failed to agree on fresh terms during the offseason, it seemed like their brief time together had run its course. The Lakers have struggled this season, failing to live up to their lofty expectations, and are now scrambling to inject some life into their rotation before the end of the trade deadline.

According to ESPN’S Adrian Wojnarowski, Schroder is once again receiving flirtatious glances from the Lakers, with the team potentially interested in entering negotiations to strike a deal.

“Right now, the deals that the Lakers are really looking at are around the fringes. Players like Alex Burks in New York, Dennis Schroder in Boston. Any number of role players, fringe starters, that they might be able to cobble the assets together to get,” Wojnarowski said during a discussion about the Lakers’ precarious position as a struggling team with little-to-no trade assets.

If the Lakers are interested in acquiring the Braunschweig native, they’re going to have to move fast. Schroder has been a hot topic in recent weeks as far as trade discussions go, and there is potential for a deal to be struck elsewhere, most notably with the Milwaukee Bucks as part of a trade for Donte DiVincenzo or for the Magic’s Terrence Ross.

Furthermore, recent reporting has also noted that Boston is looking for tangible pieces in return for Schroder, rather than moving on from him to duck under the tax. As such, the Lakers will need to ensure their package helps Boston now, as well as moving forward.

Schroder, who signed with Boston during the offseason for $5.8 million, has had a mixed season with the Celtics thus far. However, the veteran guard’s numbers have been reasonable as the team’s sixth man, and his instant offense brand of basketball has helped the Celtics stay competitive in multiple games this season. Over 49 games so far, the 28-year-old microwave scorer is averaging 14.4 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game, which considering his contract value and role on the team, is a fantastic return on investment for the Celtics.

Luckily for Schroder, time is quickly ticking down, and teams will need to get their deals over the line as soon as possible, and the longer negotiations drag on, the more likely the speedster is to remain on the Celtics roster for the remainder of the season.

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