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Celtics trade deadline mailbag answers

Cooking up some answers to your questions about the NBA trade deadline

Boston Celtics v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

I gotta tell you, it wasn’t easy finding questions to answer in this mailbag. Seems like you guys had a lot more answers than questions. Makes me wonder if I should be asking you the questions instead. I mean, how arrogant of me to think I have all the answers?

Regardless, I promised to answer your questions and a promise is a promise. So I’ll do my best.

Mr. Technical

My question is: who is the best player the Celtics could acquire if they were willing to send out Schroder, Nesmith OR Langford, and the Celtics 2022 first round pick?

The problem with that package is that you don’t have a ton of salary going out, so you’re looking at mid-level guys or rookie-scale guys. And if you are giving up a pick, it better be for someone solid.

I wonder if the Cavs would give up Colin Sexton for that package. He’s hurt and a free agent this summer, but the Celtics would have his Bird Rights and a great chance of re-signing him. Maybe lottery protect the pick just in case.


This one inspired by Frank: If you trade a horse for two ponies, what would you name the ponies?

Financial Flexibility and Tremendous Upside Potential


If we trade for a casserole what kind would it be?

First of all, thank you for reading my meandering thoughts. That’s very sweet of you.

If we’re going with a Celtic theme, how about a nice Irish Potato Casserole?

Honestly though, lately I’ve moved into Instant Pot recipes (Mexican Rice Bowl over cornbread) and Air Fryer sides (seasoned oven potatoes).


Can we take off Richardson off the trading block? Unless we’re talking about a significant upgrade (ie. using Richardson’s salary to complete a deal for a “third star” in the vein of Sabonis, Siakam, Malik Beasley, Grant, etc.), which seems very unlikely, I just don’t see the value in losing Richardson’s two-way abilities for someone like Norm Powell or even Harrison Barnes.

I think Steve Bulpett has let it be known that they are pulling Josh Richardson back from the trade table.

Here’s the good news on Josh Richardson: He’s improved his value this year. Not just as a trade asset, but on the court for the Celtics. He was essentially picked up for free and now he’s one of those guys that a lot of teams could use. Especially with his outside shot falling at a reasonable rate.

So I agree with you. If there’s a bigger deal out there and he’s needed to push the deal over the line, fine. But he’s not a salary dump guy or a lateral move candidate. He fits nicely with this team’s identity (in particular on defense) and he’s signed beyond this season so he’ll be valuable again in the offseason. Nice work by Brad Stevens picking him up this past summer.


Is it realistic to think the core 4 of Tatum/Brown/Williams/Smart is good enough to contend with the addition of the right 5th guy in the lineup. Put another way, is there one player we can add to that that could make us a contender. I’m sure this is inviting and obnoxious comment that yeah, if the 5th player is the Greek Freak.

I’ll say that the core you mentioned is a really great starting point. Of course they are not “one player away” unless the question is “can they win a first round playoff series?”

I’m still of the opinion that a “third star” would go a long way towards moving the Celtics into the legit contender conversation. Who knows, maybe Rob Williams develops into that guy. Marcus Smart is a great 4th or 5th starter for a contender.

I don’t think that 3rd star is available at the price the Celtics can afford at the trade deadline, but in the offseason the Celtics could get creative with TPEs, picks, Al Horford’s salary, and whatever other pieces to bring someone impactful to the team.


If the Celtics move Schröder, who on the roster can handle backup PG duties in the event they want insurance against Pritchard having a case of sophomore nerves in the playoffs?

I do want to get Pritchard some more minutes, if only so he can stretch the floor and get some good experience. If that’s your plan, then you do have to involve more people in the playmaking duties (Josh Richardson for one).

With that said, I think if the Celtics dump Schröder without bringing back a guard, the Celtics would likely need to find another backup point guard somewhere. There are guys out there who could give us 10-15 minutes a night.

Thanks again for the questions folks. Deadline week is always interesting so stay tuned to see what actually happens next.

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