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Grant Williams would like to be called Batman after shutting down The Joker

Jaylen Brown revealed Williams' new nickname after a Celtics win over the Nuggets.

Boston Celtics v Denver Nuggets Photo by Ethan Mito/Clarkson Creative/Getty Images

Break out the Bat Signal. The Boston Celtics are now home to a new iteration of Bruce Wayne and his name is Grant Williams.

After a dominant victory over the Denver Nuggets, 124-104, it was revealed by Jaylen Brown that Williams would like his new nickname to be "Batman." As of now, Basketball Reference has ‘The General’ listed as his only moniker, but Williams is apparently determined to change that.

When asked about how the Celtics were able to deal with Nikola Jokic, Brown mentioned how well Williams played.

“Grant did a great job. He wanted me to tell the media that he wants his nickname to be "Batman." Now, I said ‘I don’t know about that one, Grant. But if you play like he played today, I might give you a Frank Lucas, or something like that.’ So, Grant held it down on defense.”

The idea gets even funnier when you picture Williams prancing around the locker room declaring that he “stopped The Joker.” One can only imagine that’s where the idea came from. Brown felt obliged to relay the message, stating that Williams deserved it after how well he played.

“He told me to come in and say that and tell them about Batman. So, he did his job, so I’m here doing mine. So, I like that man. Y’all should call Grant Williams Batman from now on… When he plays like that, we gotta give him his respect because I thought Grant really held it down against the MVP, against Joker.”

Williams may not be the tallest big man, but he uses great physicality to battle down low with the best of them. Jokic shot 8-for-23 (34.8 percent) from the field and only managed to dish out four assists. While he still managed to put up 24 points, Williams (and the rest of the Celtics) did a phenomenal job of slowing him down.

But while Williams may deserve the nickname, one of his teammates doesn’t like it as much. When the media told Jayson Tatum about Williams’ pitch at the end of his press conference, he was visibly confused, let out a chuckle, and shut down the notion real quick.

“I mean, I can’t understand why Grant we want to be called Batman. I’m sure I’m gonna ask him when I get on the bus. But, Grant played great tonight. But I’m gonna call him Grant. I’m not calling him no damn Batman.”

Batman or not, Celtics fans sure did respond to the Bat Signal in Denver, as a sea of green packed the house for yet another road game.

Boston faces off against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night on what will be night two of a back-to-back. The game is set to tip-off at 8:00 p.m.

P.S. If Celtics Twitter doesn’t Photoshop the Batman mask onto Williams and The Joker’s makeup onto Jokic in the picture above, it will have been a missed opportunity of epic proportions.

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