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Celtics PRIDE podcast: Marcus Smart wins DPOY and Celtics vs Nets Game 1 Review

A game and player for the ages.

2022 NBA Playoffs - Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Celtics PRIDE guys break down the Celtics’ Game 1 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on the day Marcus Smart is awarded the Defensive Player of the Year. They dissect all the memorable moments of the game, all the turning points and big plays for the Celtics. Player by player, the guys analyze the play of each key member of the Celtics. Is Al Horford the perfect “connector” for this team? What is Tatum’s motivation in this series? How did Jayson show his continued mental maturity in his on-court play? What can we expect from Jaylen Brown in this series? Is Grant Williams truly ready for this, and will he rise to the occasion?

Coach Josh questions the referees in this game, and keys on their involvement as something that could make or break the Celtics’ #1 advantage - their #1 defense. Then the guys speculate potential adjustments the Nets might make in this series, including personnel decisions and on-court X’s and O’s, before questioning how the Celtics might adjust.

The Celtics Pride crew then celebrates Marcus Smart’s big award as the best defender in the game. They share how this decision by the voters demonstrates how the game has changed, and might continue to prefer perimeter players in the future, as well as give the exact tally of DPOY votes, to show the margin of victory by Smart.

Lastly, the guys give their brief comments on Kyrie Irving’s inability to show composure with his interactions with Boston fans.

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