Suddenly, this summer...

As the Celtics continue their quest for the Locsy-Cowens Banner this spring, let's all remember that summer will be on its heels soon no matter the outcome of the championship quest. With that in mind, let's consider the following:

  • All Horford's $26,500,000 salary and it's partial guarantee. I confess to not being a capologist, but back in the Dark Time (i.e. 2021) much was made about the Celtics moving on from Big Al during this summer's off-season. Whatever happens during the postseason, boom or bust, Brad Stevens has to approach this carefully not only in terms of salary flexibility but also to maintain good grace with current and potential Celtics who will see whether or not a dedicated is veteran is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Grant Williams will be heading into the final year of his initial contract. Grant has done what the team has asked him to do in terms of development and execution; how they reward him will also be heard around the league and with prospective free agents.
  • On the development front, is this the summer the Celtics ask Robert Williams to work on his mid-range game? My Magic 8-Ball says "Yes" because then he further confounds opponents.
  • One of my favorite movies is Nick Cannon's Drumline. The head of the marching band played wonderfully by Orlando Jones has a rule for anyone who wants to move up: you have to challenge the person in front of you for the spot. With that in mind what do Aaron Nesmith, Malik Fitts, Sam Hauser, and Juwan Howard have to do to get into the top nine rotation and who is each of them pulling minutes from? (The other rule that Director Jones has is "One band, one sound." I wonder if Coach Udoka likes this movie?)
  • What happens with our Eurostash players? Is there room for either Yam Madar or Juhann Begarin to make enough of an impression in the Vegas Summer League to come stateside for 2022-23? Magi 8-Ball says "Immediate Future Hazy."
  • Last but not least is the Celtics lone 2nd round draft pick this year. There is a player who seems on the surface to fit nicely into the Celtics system and timeline: Tevion Williams of Purdue. The pluses are he is a 6-10 center who can pass, rebound, and defend. The down side is that he doesn't have much shooting range at present being sub-.600 from the FT line and only attempting 14 threes this past season. The upside is: Big Al Jr. The downside: Jared Sullinger Jr. From what I've seen people say about him he is a good teammate and a diligent worker.
You'll noticed I've not speculated on trades or free agent signings. That's a whole different kettle of fish. Let's look at who we have or who we can reasonably acquire before we fire up the dream machine.

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