Al Horford's Contract for 2022-2023

I am curious if anyone understands Al Horford's contract for next year.

It is the last year of his deal with the 76ers. He is on the books for $26.5 million next season, but only $14.5 is guaranteed. I believe I read somewhere that the $26.5 million number is if his team wins the championship. Does that mean he would only make $14.5 million if the team doesn't win it all? If the Celtics cut him, are they still on the books for $14.5 million?

It seems like the Celtics are going to have to put out a lot of money next season and depending on who they bring in via trade exceptions and other methods, they have a real chance of winning it all next year. Heck they could win it all this year too. Grant Williams should be extension eligible this off season and he has earned one. Pritchard and Nesmith are team options next year.

Horford will be 36 next year and while he is playing out of his mind right now, $26.5 million is a lot to pay out for a man that age. He is also way too good on this team to cut or trade.

It looks like Brad Stevens has his work cut out for him to get under the cap and someone probably has to go. Trouble is I wouldn't trade any of the top nine players on this team. They play too well together and they all fit.

Thoughts? If you know of an article the Celtics options for the off-season, please don't hesitate to share.

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