Everyone randomly plays bad against Boston

I was (mainly) lurking on the Nets blog during that series, and currently (mainly) lurking on the Bucks blog.Weird thing going on: They keep on talking about how most or all their players are choking, not playing up to their usual levels. They express frustration and disappointment in their players, also coaches and owners. Just about nobody ever thinks to say, "Well, we are playing the best defense in the league."

So here's my theory. People are hard-wired to blame themselves for bad things that happen. While this creates all kinds of unwarranted guilt (for example, children blaming themselves for their parents' divorce), it also has value, in that if you think something is your fault, you think it is in your control. This leads to making efforts to do something about it, solve the problem.

Still it's kinda strange to see one fan base after another bemoaning how their own team is suddenly playing less well, and blaming their own players etc. for that. In a wave, as Boston passes through.

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