This is how role players roll

Game 1 was a mess but...

Game 2: Grant Williams 21 points

Game 3: Al Horford 22 points, Derrick White 14 points

Game 4: Al Horford 30 points

Game 5: Daniel Theis 11 points

Game 6: Marcus Smart 21 points

The Celtics don't need a third scorer. They don't need a microwave scorer off the bench. The Celtics need guys who can take turns being the third man and not necessarily someone who is in that consistent third option. They need guys who can defend, move the ball, and shoot well enough that they will have their occasional games where they get enough shots in the flow of the offense and make enough of them to score more than they usually do. That's how the Celtics should fill out the roster to build around Tatum and Brown going forward.

Maybe Game 7 will be Peyton Pritchard's turn to step up and go 4-6 from three.

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