Bucks losing in that 7th game justice for losing on purpose

Love the Celtics, but an extra great satisfaction, the cherry on top, is knowing that the Bucks losing on purpose the last game of the year, cost them a chance of the NBA championship. Just love it!!!!

Hate all this competitive weakness in professional sports!

Some may point that the Bucks won twice in Boston, but I say b.s. Give the Bucks game 7 at home and it increases their changes dramatically. All this micki mouse, load management, losing teams losing on purpose for a better draft pick, and now winning teams losing to try to pick their first round opponent by losing needs to be dealt with by the league. Some fans come to a couple games a year and players are trying to lose games and fans have to watch those horrific games that are not "real". It is an embarrassment and I love our coach who calls bs to this kind of competitive weakness.

Coach Udoka best part of coaching is his intangibles. No nonsense, but fair.

I thought Grant Williams was playing scared with a tentative looking shot until Coach Udoka talked to him in game 7. He made his first and then missed a few and started to play scared and past up some, but after coach talked to Grant, Grant's entire demeanor changed the remainder of the game. Playing to win versus playing scared give this Celtics team a competitive edge and the Celtics playing to win at Memphis on the last day of the regular season is the mindset that makes this team a little more special! Meanwhile, the Bucks fear of the Nets sent them home early.

My proposal for league changes:

1) Implement a policy change that salary is tied to willingness to play games. Give the players 10 days of personal time off. Any player missing more than 10 days, loses pay per game missed unless it is injury related certified by a neutral league doctor.

2) Change the lottery and draft pick system. Make it that the lotto balls are such that it doesn't increase your chances much to be a bottom 3 team or even a lotto team. Not sure of the how much it should be adjusted, but it needs to be changed. Maybe even make a post season tournament for lotto teams to get more chances for a higher pick and best record gets home court advantage.

3) Change the seedings to allow the team with the higher record to get to pick their first round opponent. 1st in conference gets to pick first opponent, 2nd gets to pick 2nd opponent, 3rd gets to pick 3rd opponent, 4th gets to pick 4th opponent.

4) Change the home away format in playoffs to the following:

. Higher seed gets game 1 and 2 at home

. Lower seed gets game 3 at home

. Higher seed gets game 4 and 5 at home

. Lower see gets game 6 at home

. Higher seed gets game 7 at home

Basically higher seed gets 5 of the 7 games at home instead of 4 of the 7.

To summarize:

1) Stop paying these players for missing games to go to birthday parties 40 days a year.

2a) Teams want to tank games to manipulate seeding - no dice, The higher seed gets to play who they want.

2b) Teams that want to tank games late in the year and rest players. Fine, you can do that but you have to win a series with only 2 home games where the higher seed gets 5 home games.

3) Teams want to tank games to get a better draft pick - nope. It basically doesn't help you much at all to have the worst record. With a playoff format of lotto, it may actually hurt you.

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