Really good teams are surprisingly bad in the playoffs

This isn't really about the Celtics, but I have no where else to post random thoughts. So...

The Phoenix Suns just got eliminated from the playoffs despite winning 64 games. Only 25 teams in history have won that many games. So it seems like it should be unusual for such a good team not to bring home the title. Except it isn't.

In history, there are exactly 4 teams that won 64 games in a single season. Not a single one won the title. Likewise, there have been exactly 8 teams that won 63 games in a single season. Only 1 won the title. So 63-64 win teams are 1-11 at winning the title.

Meanwhile, there have been four teams that won 65 games, and three of those won the title. Likewise three of four 66 game winners and 5 of 7 67 game winners. So 65-67 win teams are 11-4 at winning the title.

What is worse, there have been 14 seasons where a team won 62 games - and in 7 of those seasons a 62 win team won the title (note that in two of those seasons there were two 62 win teams). So a collective title success rate of 7-7

So for whatever strange reason 63-64 win teams (call them "very good teams") just rarely win the title. Weird, huh?

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