Bam Adebayo should have been ejected for intentionally taking Timelord Out

When I watch this dirty play, I wonder how the heck the announcers can come to any other conclusion other than it was a vicious intentional play by Bam Adebayo to try to take Robert Williams out of the game, the series, and potentially his career.

The choices are this:

1) Bam Adebayo knew exactly what he was doing and planned to try to take out Williams by backing into a player up in the air and taking his legs out so he would have a horrible fall causing significant injury.

2) Bam Adebayo is the dumbest player in the NBA and completely unaware of his surroundings.

Here are the facts:

1) Brown is looking at Williams and not the basket when he passes

2) When Bam backs into Williams, he looks over his right shoulder to find him.

3) Bam wraps up Williams legs up with his right hand so Williams has no chance to have a good landing and have any balance

On top of that:

4) Williams had like 3 to 5 plays in the first half on similar plays. Is Bam that stupid of a player that he has no concept on what is happening?

5) Adebayo probably watched like 20 hours of film of Williams before the series and had to see like hundreds of plays like this from the season

Probably the worst part of this is the backing into while at the height of the jump and wrapping up his legs eliminating any chance of a good landing.

How in the world the announcers arrived at it was inadvertent makes you hoping that they are never part of jury in a trial. :) Complete inability to decipher obvious clues.

It was disappointing only a flagrant 1 and no fine. Williams dodged a bullet on a season ending injury there!

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