Thoughts About Off Season Moves

First of all the Celtics are really good. They swept the Nets, won two in a row to knock off the Bucks, and played very competitively for a half against the Heat despite missing two starters. They are in the Eastern Conference Finals and have proven they can play with any team in the league. They are very good.

However they are not without flaws. While the starting five is great, White has issues with his offense, Pritchard has issues with his size, and Theis has issues with fouling. Yet each one of those guys also bring something the court when called upon. I would assume they will bring back the top nine players since they are very good together. They have the ability to win a championship this year.

They do not have a first round pick but do have several decent size trade exceptions to work with to improve the roster. Most notably the Fournier exception which could land a real difference maker.

The question is, if they could pull off a trade using that exception or one of the smaller ones, what do they really need? Or do you think they should trade one the rotation pieces to upgrade the deficiencies of their bench?

Time to play GM.

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