Why The Home Defeats?

I started to ask if the team was too young, but it isn't. With the Bucks series as everyone here knows, it was every other game, until winning games six and seven. With the Heat a split in Miami was excellent, coming home it seemed as if the Celtics would take a strangle hold on the series, and then promptly loss game three, making tonight a very important game. Many say that the Celtics are the best team, and I buy into that. Yet Miami came out with much better play then did the Celts, and even without Butler Quarter Three was even.

Players are not machines (obviously a duh comment), but there is a toll fore very extra game that is played. Beyond the possibility of losing a series those extra games with the Bucks placed a greater demand on the Celts. While this series, best case scenario for the Celts is a six game series, the Warriors look to be probable to finish in four or five games.

Now the obvious answer to this post is that the Bucks and Heat scored more points thus far in three home games for the Celtics. It has been a good season, yet while the Celtics were hammering and being hammered by the Nets and the Bucks, the Heat coasted through two series. Despite a four to 0 sweep of the Nets, all games were close and required big minutes.

If the Celtics are fortunate to win games four and five, I hope that game six sees them as the team with the most focus and energy.

Any idea as to what the reasons are for the home losses? Is it the bounce of the ball, or is the team lacking something be it a tweak to the roster for next year, focus, or just bad luck?

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