Refs Tonight (Game 5)

Tonights refs are:

Replay Center: Tony Brothers

Had a hard time copying and pasting from the NBA site, the first three (Davis, Tiven and Lindsay) are the crew with Tyler Ford as an alternate.

Looks like Davis last headed up a squad Game 3 of Golden State and Dallas. In fact, that was almost this crew exactly with Tyler Ford in for Lindsay and Lindsay in the replay center. None of these refs have officiated a game in this series yet.

This is almost the exact same crew (minus the alternate and replay center) who officiated Bos-Mil game 5. No big FT disparity in that game and nobody fouled out, 4 fouls apiece for Grant and Giannis.

If you're struggling to remember this is the crazy ending where the Celts were up until Giannis missed his second FT and Bobby Portis put it back in for the lead. Then Smart had a rough ending to the game and Jrue Holiday came up big.

Maybe we are looking at a pretty good game 5 crew, for whatever that's worth.

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