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Boston Celtics offseason open mailbag

Send me your questions and I’ll do my best Brad Stevens impersonation to answer them.

2022 NBA Finals - Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Whoo boy, the offseason is upon us and in full swing and I haven’t been this unprepared for it in a long time. I feel like the kid that realized that he has a final exam the next day, took one look at the amount of material there is to cover, and decided “nah, I’ll just wing it.”

Thankfully we have lots of smart people on this blog that will do much more research than I will. But since this is the internet, I still have opinions that I will share freely!

So if you would like some (likely wrong) answers to your pressing offseason questions, I’m here to help! I promise I won’t just shade in the B bubble every time. I may attempt to make patterns with the scantron though.

Seriously though, I’m happy to take your questions on the Celtics roster, draft night, NBA free agency, the general plan for the summer, and whatever else you want to ask.

If you want a preview of my thoughts, here’s some I shared on twitter:

Your turn. Post your questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them before the bell rings,, I mean before the NBA Draft happens. Thanks in advance!

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