Everyone is down on Daniel Theis

I keep reading on here that many think we need an upgrade at the big position to replace Daniel Theis. I don't quite understand it. On this roster Theis is effectively a third string big. Is he overpaid for that position? Probably. But what move could made to bring in an upgrade for a lesser price? I don't see it.

Brad Stevens made the trade to bring him back so he must really like him. Unfortunately Ime Udoka didn't for some reason. Maybe he struggled with Udoka's switching system. I am not sure. But I think Udoka didn't manage minutes well in the playoffs and it showed.

Who is Theis? An effective screener, rim protector and rebounder. He's not the best floor spacer but he is adequate. He seems like a good locker room guy and he never appeared to be upset about riding the bench in the playoffs. Yes, he is a personal foul waiting to happen, but he also creates a lot of opportunities for others to score that don't show up in the box score. I've seen it mentioned that he is almost unplayable according to some. But how would you know? Udoka never played him enough.

There is a good chance that next season will be Horford's last (especially if the Celtics win it all.) The center position will be turned over to Robert Williams if that happens. Theis would be a bargain back up center at that point under contract for two more years. He will be 33 when his contract expires. That isn't a bad contract for what he does.

I don't see how you upgrade the third string big position next season over what Theis brings. A training camp under Udoka and a better minute management system and Theis should be just fine.

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