KOC's and Forsberg's suggestions

This is a fun time of year for NBA aficionados. I listen to more podcasts and pursue trade rumors avidly, and it seems many others here do, too.

NBC Sports Boston has been stoking the fire in the aftermath of the finals, and Chris Forsberg suggested that Kevin Huerter would be a good pickup for the Celtics. I concur with him. Good shooter; moves well, and handles the ball well, too. Ryan McDonough, who was also a guest on the show, agreed.

And last night on the show, Kevin O'Connor had some interesting remarks. First, he shot down the suggestion of adding Mike Conley, saying that he doesn't fit the timeline of our young core. His targets, instead, would be Bruce Brown, TJ Warren, and D'Angelo Russell.

Wow! That's some good armchair General Managing, no? Any one of these guys would be a great addition.

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