The Onus On Udoka

The Celtics will probably make some roster changes this off season, but the way for the team to improve is to do what Jaylen Brown said, "We just need to get better." That's where coaching comes in.

Coach Ime Udoka has several big objectives this off season. They are:

1. Help Brown and Jayson Tatum become better ball handlers, passers and play makers and cut down on turnovers.

2. Implement better schemes to take advantage of defenses that trap and double-team Brown and Tatum.

3. Design offensive sets and plays that can get the team baskets when the shots aren't falling. (This is a big one and probably relies on meeting objectives 1 and 2 as well as objective 4. This team shoots pretty well and when the shot is falling, they are the best team. When the shot is not falling or the defense forces them out of their comfort zones, this team struggles on both ends of the floor.)

4. Develop players on the bench so that he can have a deeper rotation. Maybe a couple of trades will help do this job for him, but he still needs to develop some of them.

5. Anticipate game situations and have adjustments and plays prepared for them. Udoka was a first year coach so this part of the game was mixed bag.

I think Brown and Tatum will take on the challenge facing them and they will improve but good coaching will help them.

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