Players I would not want

If I was an NBA owner, I would tell my GM that there is a list of players that I do not want on my team. These are all-star level players, but because of attitude, injury or other I would stay away from them. They are (in no particular order):

1. Kyrie Irving. This one needs no explanation and the Nets found out the hard way.

2. Russel Westbrook. It doesn't look like he's capable of changing his game or fitting in.

3. Kawhi Leonard. He quit on on the Spurs. He gets injured a lot. And he's not exactly Mr. Congeniality which helps if you're the team leader.

4. James Harden. He's quit on every team he's been on and disappears in big games.

5. Ben Simmons. He has a problem that our team can't fix.

6. Anthony Davis. He's injured too much and doesn't appear to have enough passion to justify his paycheck.

7. Zion Williamson. I love watching him play when he can, but I bet injuries haunt him his whole career which is going to be relatively short.

Honorable Mention:

Gordon Hayward. I don't trust that he can stay healthy.

Jimmy Butler. He had a great series so maybe I'm not being fair, but something tells me there is going to be a team implosion this coming season. I bet Pat Riley is looking to trade him this off season.

Chris Paul. He's doomed to be on that list of "great players who never won a title."

Who would be on your list?

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