Speaking with Candor: An Overly-Emotional Love Letter to a Heart-Driven Team

Laugh at me and tell me how I'm wrong all you want. Call me a homer or a fanboy. Feed me stats that say otherwise: Nothing is stopping the impending run.

Not even Kevin Durant.

The C's have faced adversity after drama after setback after frustration. Most young men would crumble throughout everything Jaylen, Jayson and Marcus have experienced during their tenure in Boston. That is what we're talking about when we discuss the mental fortitude of star players. How do they respond to adversity? How do they respond to failure?

Maybe they will trade for KD. I hope they don't. Regardless, the doubters and the haters were wrong this past season, and after the additions Brad made, they all know deep down how much further they are about to be proven wrong. The media thrives on drama and dysfunction. Our entire fanbase complains about Kyrie Irving, but the media is the other side of that coin. Brooklyn is a mess, and Boston has been tied to every step of their implosion. Ainge swindled them for picks, they poached Kyrie from us and dismantled what they had built to cater to him and Durant, and then Boston single-handedly ended their little experiment before it even took off in one fell sweep. Is it any wonder they want to see this team driven apart?

Keep praying on their downfall.

I've seen a lot of people say that the east is coming for Boston. That's reasonable. That's how it works. You make it a certain distance, and it puts a targets on your back. I say Boston is coming for the east. After this circus, I say Jaylen Brown is going to be more motivated than ever....and if that doesn't scare the rest of the league, it should. I think Ime Udoka is an absolute master at churning these type of situations into two questions:

1.) How fed up are you?
2.) What are you going to do about it?

Clearly, as the title implies, this is an overly emotional diatribe lol. I openly own up to that. For me, at this point of the dog days of summer and with all the headlines being forced down our throats on top of the rollercoaster this franchise has ridden in recent years, this is just where I'm at. I am done reading, dissecting and discussing how KD could put this team over the top. There is no question on just how elite he is. At this point in his career, I simply do not want to piece apart the roster for him. I completely understand why others do. I get that you have to take your heart out of these type of decisions. Call me crazy, but I'm just excited to see what this roster can accomplish when healthy. I am excited to see Jaylen Brown in a backcourt with Malcolm Brogdon running the fast break in the third quarter of games.

I would only be focused on two things if I were a player on this team. Making it back out of the east, and figuring out how to beat Golden State.

Now go ahead...light me up lol...

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