A list of players still available who played in the NBA last year

BIgs (by total minutes played)

M. Harrell- 1641 Min ( was stopped with 3 lbs of weed in his car)

J. Johnson- 1191 min (35 YO)

H. Whiteside- 1162 Min (33 YO)

L. Aldridge- 1050 min (37 YO)

D. Howard- 971 min (37 YO)

B. Griffin - 958 min (33 YO)

T. Thompson - 897 Min ( 31 YO)

D. Cousins - 718 min (32YO)

E. Kanter- 411 Min (30YO)

L. Garza - 389 Min (24YO)

C. Zeller- 355 Min ( 30YO)

Pick one here at vet minimum or another you like.

IF I had to pick one of these I guess Whiteside might be the best fit for deep depth.


C. Anthony- 1793 Min (38YO)

A. Bradley -1406 Min (32YO)

B McLemore- 1285 Min (29YO)

EJ Elleby- 1174 Min (22YO)

D. Bembry- 1026 Min (28YO)

J. Lamb- 935 Min (30YO)

T. Snell- 823 Min (31YO)

J. Jackson- 830 min (25YO)

L. Stephenson- 814 Min ( 32YO)

W. Ellington- 810 Min (35YO)

again pick one here for vet minimum ( or another player you prefer)

For me Bembry makes the most sense, because he at least try's on defense and he has wing size.

BH: ( in case Pritchard is moved?)

D. Schroder- 1837 Min (29YO)

E. Bledsoe- 1361Min (33YO)

F. Jackson- 1164 Min (24YO)

D. Washington Jr- 968 min (22YO)

DJ Augustin- 883 Min (35YO)

L. Williams- 799 Min (36YO)

R. Rondo- 697 Min (36YO)

I'd rather keep Pritchard myself, but if you want to replace him pick one here.

pretty slim pickings left at this point out there.

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