Adding Steven Adams

Durant Memphis trade...

Durant to the Memphis Grizzlies makes a ton of sense-- for the following reasons.

  • Memphis is one of the best young teams in the league. If not the best. Ja Morant is either the second or third best player under 25 in the league. Jaren Jackson Jr. lead the league in blocks and is one of the best two way post player in the league. He is also under 25.

    While they have a good deal of talent around them. There is no one on their roster who looks to make a huge improvement next year. Also-- they are never going to be a prime spot for free agents.
  • They have enough cap room they don't have to gut their roster just to accommodate Durant's salary.
  • They are one of the few teams in the league that can build an offer around two very good young players: Desmond Bane and Brandon Clarke. The have quite a few draft picks.
It is not a great trade for the Nets.

  • Bane and Clarke are a bit redundant on their roster-- the Nets signed TJ Warren and traded for Royce O'Neale. They are getting back Joe Harris from injury all of who will be fighting with Bane for minutes. Nic Claxton is pretty much redundant with Clarke. There is a variation of this trade where New Orleans comes in and gives up some of its draft capitol to add Bane and Clarke.
  • Losing Durant-- the Nets will be lucky to make the play in game. Next move is to move on from Kyrie Irving. He can get included in a trade to the Lakers.
This balances out the Celtics roster.
  • Adams provides the Celtics with a hedge if either Robert Williams III or Al Horford go down. If all three are healthy-- then they can play Robert Williams- 29 Minutes: Steven Adams 24 minutes: Al Horford 18 minutes.

    Play off rotation:
    Robert Williams III
    Steven Adams
    Al Horford
    Grant Williams
    Jason Tatum
    Danilo Gallinari
    Jaylen Brown
    Malcolm Brogdon
    Marcus Smart
The trade makes sense in that Memphis has to give up Adams to take on Durant. I'm pretty sure Brooklyn has no interest in Adams.

Banes and Clarke are decent fits for New Orleans who could give up two firsts to Brooklyn.

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