Nets not discounting enough for Durants Age

The Nets are negotiating like Durant has played 80 games the past 3 years (240 games) and is 28 years old when the reality is he has played in just (90 games over 3 years) and is right at 34 years old.

When does Brown pass up Durant and you wouldn't trade him even up for Durant, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 4 years. I think Brown passes him up before Durant finishes this contract out because of age and injury.

Who has played like a top 20 player in recent NBA after 35?

Yes Lebron James - but fading with missing games these past seasons

anybody else? I guess Chris Paul is beating the odds some and maintained a top 25 status at an older age. Al Horford probably maintaining a top 100 status. Really not many players maintaining at 35 years old.

Tons of examples where a top 5 player drops back to the pack around 35 in NBA history.

I think the Nets are trying to create value based on the front part of the contract but I feel they are asking for way too much because of age and injury these past 3 years.

The deal mentioned is more than fair. Brown, White, and a draft pick. And to be honest, I rather not make that trade as a Celtics fan as it is risky because of age, injury, and salary of Durant. One more significant injury and you could be eating 200 million dollars on cap for 4 years.

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