Here we go guys!!

Ok so here’s my idea for the rest of the off-season. 1.Forget about KD I’m all set. Here is my trade idea:


BOS:Daniel Gafford,Josh Hart,Didi Louzada

WAS:Justice Winslow,’23-2nd(Bos,via Por),’23-2nd(Bos,via Mia,Dal,Hou)

POR:Derrick White,Corey Kispert,’25-1st(Bos,Lottery Protection)

RE-SIGN:Al Horford-3/$45m

SIGN:Noah Vonleh-2/Min





G:Smart, Brogdon,PP



IMO this solves the backup big situation with a young Gafford,Hart to replace White and also get another young wing in Louzada. Keep the starting five intact,but also have capable replacements in case of injuries or scheduled rest days for Rob,Al,Danilo or whoever. I think this balances out the roster and none of those guys are free agents after this year I believe Hart has a player option,tough to give up another 1st but where the ace are going who cares about a late first round pick??….Ok guys go easy on me lol let me know what you think….✌

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