My goals for the 22-23 Celtics

The Celtics as we all tragically know lost to the Warriors in the finals in 6 games. Seeing them lost hurt and that pain hasn't left for most Celtics fans, but that's in the past and the season is around 2 months away. So I wanted to write about some goals or things that I want to see from the Celtics next year, it's a big year for them and I expect them to be hungry and to improve.

  1. Tatum and Brown to take another step

Last year Tatum and Brown proved to all the doubters (I wasn't one of them) that they can play and win together, they were 2 wins away from winning it all together. There both young and are only going to improve and add to their games. I expect both to improve their decision making, Brown's ball handling to get better, and both to be more under control and disciplined when the game gets tight especially in the playoffs. I also would love to see Tatum come out on fire this year, he didn't play well in the finals and has taken a lot of heat this summer because of that, so I want him to come out and play throughout the year, aggressive, playing free and taking what the defensive is giving him.

2. Starting the year strong and staying solid

Last year the Celtics started the year terrible. Out of the playoffs and even a play-in spot being 23-24 in mid January. Then have this amazing turnaround, and we know the rest. This is important because you keep the same mindset you ended the season with, and start the season strong and not have to play your stars and your vets like Horford big minutes every night. You also want consistency, and not be up and down in many parts of the season.

3. Stay hungry and finish the job

Like last year with the Suns, you have to stay hungry even though we got to the finals last year, we lost and watched the Warriors celebrate on our home court. The Celtics got better this offseason adding Brogdon and Gallinari and guys like White, Grant, Prichard, Rob, and our other main pieces getting better, I truly believe we can get back to the Finals and finish the job this time. Take care of business in the regular season and come with a vengeance come the playoffs because guys on this team still have a lot to prove and I'm 100% confident that they will be that with the way the guys are talking during the offseason. We didn't win so go back to the finals a get banner 18 to Boston.

Losing in the finals hurt as a fan and I know it killed the players so I expect a very strong season from the team and I know Ime and team are gonna be ready for it. Were the hunted in the east now, the Bucks did a good job handling it last year and could have went back to the finals if Middleton didn't get hurt. But it's our time now, this is the most excited I been for a season in while, our depth, the experience we got, and the hunger the team will have, and I can't wait to see if the Celtics can do good on my goals. Celtic nation I believe were in for a great season this year.

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