Cam Reddish

I don't expect it to happen for many reasons. His contract is expiring. I don't think ownership wants to spend more on multiple levels. But Reddish was a first round talent and he would fit into I think the larger one of our remaining TPEs. Just getting a wing talent like that despite not having first rounders could be good for end of the roster depth and future development.

To be honest, I have liked this kid since his draft. It hasn't worked out so far. He has talent, though. Sometimes it's just about the right situation. I don't know if that right situation is at the end of our bench. But I saw a rumor the flipping Lakers had interest and it would kill me if he went there of all teams and thrived. That's why I wrote this.

Ime and Brad did say they were looking to maybe add another wing. This would be a way to do it. Is it a long shot? Yeah. Again, I don't think ownership wants to spend on any substantial TPE salaries. Let alone having to deal with a potential Cam Reddish extension. We could do it if we wanted to, though.

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