Why this team only needs to fill out the roster with deep depth now.

lots of talk about the Celtics needing to add this or that player or type of player still gong on amongst Boston fans. While a team should always upgrade when it makes sense from the on-the court AND salary standpoint, here is my argument as to why we are in position for another real chance at the Championship this year as we stand (for the most part)

we only have 12 players under contract currently along with the two-ways. SO there are up to 3 roster spots to fill. Most fans would prefer another big and a wing or maybe two to finish the roster out.

Many fans would prefer Stevens use a TPE or some other means to bring in a vet NBA player over vet minimum types that are left. However I feel only minimum type players will be added.

Boston already signed N . Vonleh and B. Cacoblo to training camp deals to compete for the big man spot, along with Kabengle who is currently on a two way (but could be upgraded).

I find Cacoblo to be an interesting signing, after watching some videos of his play in summer league and in Brazil last season. Many of us remember back in 2014 when he was a skinny 6-8 , 200# kid from Brazil that was "two-years away from being two-years away from the NBA".

Turns out he was maybe eight years away. Bruno is now a 6-9, 230# 26YO man, who still has that 7-7 wingspan. For those following along that makes him about the same size as Rob Williams with a slightly LONGER wingspan.

Now I am NOT saying he will be some diamond found in the cracker jack box of former first round washouts. But he might just be a solid 6th or even 5th big man as a fill in for 10-12 min per game when Rob or Al is out ( instead of Kornet). Training camp will tell about that.

My main point is between Bruno, Vonleh and Kabengle the team has options for that 6th big man spot under contract right now.

so Boston would have a big depth Chart of:






Cacoblo, Vonleh or Kabengele

I am fine with that myself.

onto the lack of wing depth.

Here I think some Celtic fans don't see why Brogdon was brought here. He IS the third wing on this roster, IMO. With Tatum and Brown likely to play 32-34 minutes per game and Brogdon playing in the 30 min/G range, to me the wing spots are full (barring injury of course). Smart and White can fill in also on the wing on a game to game basis as needed as well.

so with the rumors that both J. Jackson and B. Thomas will be brought in on training camp deals as deep bench depth we actually seem to be on solid ground there as well.

IF so, the wing depth chart would be:






B Thomas

again seems solid to me

Which leaves the Ball handling spot, where the team is set right now

BH depth chart:




again some crossover with Smart and White both being able to play/guard wings and Pritchard being a high level outside shooter.

finally I will list my projected Rotational depth chart based on average minutes played (regular season)

1. Tatum (Wing)

2. Brown (Wing)

3. Smart (BH)

4. Brodgon (Wing)

5. Rob (Big)

6. Al (Big)

7. White (BH/Wing)

8. Grant (Big)

9. Gallo (Big)

10. Pritchard (BH)

deep roster, In no particular oder:


J. Jackson

B. Thomas


Cacolbo, Vonleh or Kabengle

I do think this roster is much better than last years finals team and especially MUCH deeper as constructed here. Which is why I doubt any other major moves will be made.

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