The Durant Problem

The latest news is that Kevin Durant is insisting on a trade unless the coach and GM are fired. The Brooklyn Nets says he won't go along with the demand.

I think NBA Commissioner Adam Silver needs to step in here and suspend Durant if he refuses to practice or play with the Nets. What Durant is doing is terrible for the league and the commissioner needs to protect the league.

I hope that there will be some changes in the next collective bargaining agreement to prohibit players from demanding trades. It's about the sanctity of the contract. If contracts aren't respected than the whole collective bargaining agreement is useless.

In order to protect the credibility of contracts, there are rules prohibiting owners from discussing or recruiting in any way, a player who is under contract with another team. Players demanding trades is a threat to contracts and the league cannot abide it.

If I was an owner, I would tell my GM that I am not interested in acquiring Durant. He certainly lacks character and this action shows him to be selfish and a team destroyer. He has enough talent that some will look past these faults, but do so at your own peril.

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