Will Udoka move off the "two-big" lineup this season?

While we wait to see who the final 4 players added to camp will be or perhaps even a trade of some sort to come, I look at the current roster and wonder if Udokas' two big lineup is a thing of the past?

With the Gallo signing it appeared that Boston was going to stick to it, having the depth needed with Rob, AL, Grant and Gallo. However with the Gallo injury and no real NBA talent brought in to replace him Boston is down to only three men to man that lineup. That puts them in a worst situation than last year when they have Theis as the fourth big.

So IF they don't make some move to add a reliable fourth big , then the team is set up better to run a more traditional main lineup for next season.

Last season, Udoka played a two big lineup an average of about 65% of the time.

Al played 2005 min

Grant- 1875

Rob - 1804

Kanter/Theis- 804

Right now there is little chance he can ride just three players that high IMO. IN fact lowering the "two -big" lineup to around 50% of the total minutes seems more likely.

My new season total projections:

AL- 1800

Rob- 1800 ( more if he stays healthy)

Grant- 1800

If so, then a rotation like below might make much more sense .

Looking at the current roster I think the best starting five would be (minutes per game)

Rob (28)

Tatum (34)

Brown (34)

Brodgon (30)

Smart (30)

the rotation players off the bench would be ( in order of minutes per game)

White (26)

Horford (24)

Grant (20)

Prtichard (14)

right now this team has only 9 real NBA players on the roster, since Udoka only trust a short rotation anyway (when his bench is sub-par at least), this seems to be a very possible minutes splits.

That team will have two of Rob, Al or Grant in the game for about 24 min At least when they are available), but does it make sense for Al to move to the bench this year from the start?

IF so will he baulk at that or be a good team player ?

I would think the latter myself.

so do I have the minutes projections about right?

am I totally off base here and Udoka will continue to start AL and Rob together and play Kornet over Pritchard then?

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