Moving On

Sports keep moving on. The Udoka story is already starting to fade. It will fade even more as fans turn their attention to the Patriots. And if the Patriots somehow beat the Ravens Sunday, then they will become the number one story again.

The team will be fine with Mazulla as coach; but perhaps there is an experienced head coach who could become an assistant. Of course, coaching mentor is part of Brad Stevens' role whether he admits it or not, so a lot of egos would have to be soothed to make that happen. Regardless, Mazulla is going to need coaching talent and experience on the bench with him during games.

Robert Williams is like that sports car you used to own that always had something go wrong with it. You love the car and when it's running well, it's a lot of fun. But how many times are you going to be surprised by another expensive repair? I think the Celtics need to find a steady replacement for Williams and accept that he's a luxury to have but not one you can count on.

Expect surprises in training camp. Some bench player is going to play exceptionally well and get everyone excited. It might be Sam Hauser. It might be Brodric Thomas or maybe JD Davison.

No matter what happens, sports will keep moving on and dragging our attention along with it.

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