Big men who work salary wise for a D. White swap.

Since I feel that White is the biggest moveable salary if the team decides to make any deal.

J. Allen-Clev- Contending team, so no trade likely

C. Capela-Atl- contending team

D. Sabonis- Sac- I doubt they'd move him yet

S. Adams-Mem- With Jackson out until Dec/Jan no trade likely

M. Turner- Ind- will NOT want long term salary back.

J. Isaac- Orl- to much of an injury risk to me.

J. Valanciunas- NO

L. Markkanen- Utah- we've talked about him being an option before (Ainge will want a FRP)

W. Carter-Orl

B. Lopez- Mil- contending team

Orlando is one team where you can make an argument at least that a White for Carter deal might make sense for them. They re-signed Bamba this off-season, drafted Banchero and have Isaac coming back from injury.

so a White and some type of draft capital for say Carter and RJ Hampton could make some sense for both teams today.

Valanciunas at NO could also be a possible trade target, but only if they see Hayes as ready to play a bigger role there. the big man and Old vet G. Temple for White and draft capital would likely work in that case.

and of course Markkanen if Stevens is willing to give up another FRP.

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