A couple possible trade options with OKC and Utah

Both OKC and Utah have 17 players under contact right now. Utah's are all guaranteed, while OKC has a couple non-guaranteed deals on the books. But for this exercise I will use both teams as possible trade options to help fill the void with the Gallo injury now.

I'll start with the smaller deals and move up from there.

1) M. Muscala- OKC- He is under a $3.5M salary this year and a team option at $3.5M next year. Any deal for him apparently can't happen until after Dec 15 also. But he can stretch the floor and is a vet NBA player. his per 36 minutes numbers are surprising close to Gallo's and is about the same size. Obviously not the NBA player Gallo is or was, but a cheap replacement option.

Boston would have to wait to trade for him, but IF OKC wants to move his salary he would fit into either TPE 's the Celtics have and likely only cost a second round pick to get him

2) J. Robinson- Earl- OKC- Second round draft pick in the previous draft, who got some playing time last year with a bad OKC team at center. He averaged 7.5 pt and 5.6 rebs on 22 min per game as a rookie on 35% 3 point shooting. Has a $2M salary this year, with a non-guaranteed year and a team option after that.

It might cost as much as a future fist round pick to pry him away from OKC though. IF they would take a couple second round picks and/or Y. Madar's rights it might make sense for Boston to add him

3) R. Gay- Utah- $6.1M in salary with a $6.4M player option after that. Ainge needs to dump someone anyway, so Gay for a second into the Gomez TPE works. Gay is two years younger than Melo and his numbers in the past two years are comparable (per 36 min). Gay also has a connection with Udoka from his SA days. IF Boston is not interested in Melo, due to locker-room issues or anything else, Gay would be a nice option instead (though a costlier one for the owners in both salary and tax payments) .

4) B. Bogdanovic- Utah- He is on an expiring deal at $19.5M, so Boston would have to send out over $15M in any deal to get him. While he would likely be an upgrade over Gallo, the fact that he would cost White or Smart for his expiring contract makes no sense to me at all.

5) L. Markkanen- Utah- $16.4M in salary with two years after this one. Younger version of Gallo to be honest so he would be a long term addition here since he is only 25YO. Career averages of 15.4 pt, , 6.8 reb and 36.4% 3 point shooting on about 30 minutes per game over his 5 season now.

He won't be cheap to get from Ainge, as I we'd have to send out White's contract to match salary AND a first round pick, IMO.

MY current favorite deal would be Getting

Markkanen (16.4M) and N. Alexander-Walker (5M-expiring) OR L. Bolmaro (2.4M + two years of team options )from Utah


White (16.8M) a 2024 FRP and the rights to Yam Madar.

NAW comes in under one of the TPE's in these deals, which need to be structured as two deals since Markkanen cannot be traded with other players until after Nov.3 I think.

The Bolmaro deal works without a TPE and cost little in addition tax payments (since Boston will have to fill out the roster spot anyway).

so IF that deal could be made Boston ' roster/depth chat would look something like this:


R. Williams

A. Horford

L. Kornet


L. Markkanen

G. Williams

Cabolclo, Vonleh or maybe J. Jackson


J. Tatum

J. Brown

N. Alexander- Walker or L. Bolmaro

S. Hauser

D. Valentine

B. Thomas or maybe M. Ryan


M. Smart

M. Brodgon

P. Pritchard

While the depth at wing looks weakest, we have to remember both Smart and Brogdon can play together or even with Pritchard in some lineups as well.

Depth chart:

Tatum- 34 min

Brown- 34

Smart- 32

Brogdon- 30

Rob- 28

Al- 24


Grant- 20

Pritchard- 14

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