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Open Celtics mailbag: Your questions will be graded

Give me your questions, I will answer them, but I will also judge you

Boston Celtics Practice Photo by Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

You know the drill on this by now. You provide your questions (in the comments below) and I will post a follow-up article answering as many of the questions that make sense to answer. But let’s try something different this time. You know how there are “draft grades” and “trade grades” right after teams make transactions? Well, I’m going to grade your questions before I answer them. So you better bring your A material!

Obviously the NBA trade deadline is just around the corner. Don’t forget to read Keith’s trade intel article before asking your trade questions. According to Keith we should be active in the buyout market, so throw some names at me and I’ll respond with how unrealistic or idiodic I think your ideas are.

There’s always questions about rotations, All Star selections, Jayson Tatum’s MVP chances, playoff matchups to look forward to, and more.

So hit me up with those questions in the comments below! (and if you aren’t signed up for our community, what’s stopping you?)

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