South Beach Matchup w Props + Analysis & Orlando Breakdown

Current Record: (12-9)

Well, our record looks much like that Celtic's performance last night, sub-par. We went (2-3) as I added a prop for the Magic and that brings our record to 12-9 over our last 4 games. We are taking an alternate route tonight with only picks, larger units, and more confident bets.


Derrick White over 1.5 3’s

Paolo Banchero over 18.5 points


Tatum over 31.5 points

Brown over 27.5 points

Franz Wagner over 1.5 3’s

We won 8 straight games and lost to a young and hungry Magic team mind you without our two all-NBA defenders. I have read too many negative articles after every loss and it's honestly mind-blowing. I think fans get too wrapped up in the NFL season and forget Boston plays 82 games, not 17. As for our bets, Banchero looked great all night, he was knocking down shots, getting to the rim (quite a few superstar calls I may add) and controlling the offence all night. His over cashed easily in the 3rd quarter. Derrick White knocked down a quick three to start the game which had me feeling fantastic up until I thought the injury gods got me again when he re-injured his neck. I was surprised to see him start after half and he wasted no time cashing our bet with a 3 early. Wagner wasn't much of a factor offensively and instead, we saw Wendell Carter get hot from downtown and was a massive factor around the rim. Franz hit a late three to give us hope but ultimately, we fell short. Jayson and Jaylen were rolling early and it continued midway through the third until JT left the game with a rib injury. Boston didn't play great offensively by any means but the Jays were willing them to a close game. Even Eddie House said early in the 3rd "we are poised for another 30 and 30 game". After the injury even with Tatum back, Orlando took over the game and Boston’s shots started falling short. Brown stung a little more missing by only a bucket.

Tonight, Boston heads to Miami on a back-to-back to face Jimmy "Free Throws" and Rob’s son Bam (knock on wood). Tatum and the fellas will be short-staffed tonight as Jaylen, Smart, Al and Brogdon are sitting this one out for a variety of reasons. Rob coming back gives me hope defensively and I am hoping Joe lets him run free tonight.

Let’s get into the picks:

1. Derrick White over 13.5 points -105

I feel these odds are far too low based on the sheer volume of minutes Derrick White will see tonight. With everyone and their mother taking the night off Boston's backcourt is extremely slim. Derrick is coming off a calm 11 points in which he shot 50% and that was with him leaving midway through the second quarter. Much like last night I think the fact he won't be looking over his shoulder at all will allow him to play with more confidence and with a far larger green light than he is used to. Tatum other than his 49-point game 6 masterclass has struggled against the Heat and Boston will be desperate for someone to step up and contribute.

2. Max Strus over 1.5 3’s -140

Feels like every game now whoever is broadcasting brings up the fact Boston once signed Strus and decided to let him go. No doubt it hurts seeing him become such a sniper for the Heat, especially when he went off last game going 9/17 for three. Max loves playing the Celtics and with the lack of guard depth I see him making Boston pay a few times.

If you want to get spicy look for Hauser & Pritchard props tonight (primarily 3’s) if they come out. Both had good games yesterday and again with no one looking over their shoulder they are due for a confidence boosting game.

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