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Green With Envy: ranking potential Round 1 opponents for the Celtics

Back in 2008, the Atlanta Hawks took the Celtics to seven games. Is there another chance of an upset lurking in April?

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

After dropping back-to-back bizarro games in Florida, my co-host Will and I had no desire to justify losing a third straight to the upstart Magic, and once again floundering down the stretch against the Heat.

There are excuses to be made and fingers to be pointed, but during an 82-game season, you can’t overreact and overanalyze every bad stretch. What we do is very fun; getting in touch with our feelings is not. Thousands of people tune in every week to listen to us talk about the best team in the NBA with two superstars just entering their prime. That’s a pretty good gig.

However, what we did realize is that the Magic and Heat are both potential first round matchups. So, that got us thinking: which teams would we least like to see in Round 1? Here’s what we decided on.

  1. The Miami Heat
  2. The Chicago Bulls
  3. The New York Knicks
  4. The Orlando Magic
  5. The Toronto Raptors
  6. The Indiana Pacers
  7. The Atlanta Hawks
  8. The Washington Wizards

If you want to know why, tune in to today’s podcast. Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Considering the Celtics are unlikely to make a splash at the trade deadline, we also steered clear of the typical conversations surrounding realistic additions to this year’s squad. Instead, we drafted players who we hope will one day end up in green, though it may never happen for a variety of reasons. Basically, it was just guys we love who aren’t in Boston (yet).

Greg’s List: Jerami Grant, Alex Caruso, Cam Reddish, Bobby Portis, and Steven Adams

Will’s List: OG Anunoby, Lu Dort, Josh Hart, Jalen Duren, and Jarret Allen

Aside from Reddish, most of the other names you see here have no chance of ending up in Boston this season, but then again, how many of us foresaw the Derrick White and Malcolm Brogdon deals? With Brad Stevens, you never know.

Once again, drop your thoughts below and make sure you’re checking out the podcast for extended discussions on each of these topics, as well as information for where you can find us at tonight’s matchup with the Knicks.

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